Is self management the answer?

With councils wanting to increase rents, self management is often seen as the way out of rent rises. If the council still have officer time dedicated to allotments then there’s still a cost for them. Perhaps partial self-management is needed with responsibility for bills falling on plot holders and cutting the time spent by council…


Why you should have nettles. These were in a corner of the allotment and had quite a few caterpillars on them.  


When they flower they’re nearly ready to dig up!

One of my first crops

I had two blackcurrant bushes in my garden, so when I got the allotment I transferred one on to the allotment site. That means I got a crop of blackcurrants off the allotment. They are very delicious, but always with a sharp edge to them. Even when they’re really ripe.

Me on my allotment

Pink gloves and a pink wheelbarrow. Sunhat essential. 2011. This is the opposite edge of my plot to where I started

Another early photo

Early in the allotment timescale and early in the day! 2011. Photo taken from by the gate looking towards my plot. That’s my pink wheelbarrow!

First dig .. this was back in Spring 2011

This was right at the start of my allotment. Spring 2011. The site had been cleared in December and we were waiting for a lease before we were allowed on. In March the guy at the council suggested we get on the site as the lease might take some time. (It took about 5 years)….