Oldham Allotments – empty plots

It’s not so many years back that we had full waiting lists in Oldham but something has changed and there are now a few sites with empty plots.

There’s a map I’ve done of the allotments in Oldham. All the council ones are now self-managed and listed,but some private ones exist too. There are a couple I don’t think exist any more but until I’ve double checked them I will leave them on.

The map of Oldham allotments is here.

If you’d like to find out more about Oldham allotment waiting lists then there’s a really useful Facebook page here called Oldham  Growers – allotments and gardeners – for everyone who likes gardening in  Oldham

Join that group and introduce yourself and say where you are based if you’re after an allotment and the site secretaries on there will give you a hand to find a plot!

The list of council allotment sites is on the Oldham council website here  – it’s just a list of contact details for site secretaries.

If you live in Oldham and would love to grow your own fruit and vegetables then why not join the FB group listed above and find out more about allotments.

There are empty allotment plots in Failsworth, Chadderton and Hathershaw that we know about at the moment.



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