My top five compost hints …

Thinking about composting – I know most people won’t be adding very much to their compost heaps other than maybe kitchen waste at this time of year, but it is a good time to start thinking about it!

Top 5 hints

  • Use everything you’ve got. With compost a big heap is better!  If that means taking grass cuttings from your neighbours to your compost pile, then do it!
  • Layer things. This is essential in summer to stop fruit flies being a pest above the compost bin. Keep a bag of materials to add in to cover up rotting fruit and vegetables. In summer you will have regular grass cuttings to add. Possibly the best reason to mow the lawn often!
  • Be patient. Compost can be a slow process.
  • Get another compost bin if you have room. Got three already? Got room for a fourth? Get it! The least energetic way of getting compost is to refer to point three.
  • Go mad and turn the compost heap! This is a bit extreme for most people as it can be hard work, but satisfying to see all that rotting down going on inside. Restacking a heap will also get it fired up again. Use the opportunity to add in a couple of layers of muck or grass cuttings.

My book about composting is available here on Amazon



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