My top five compost hints …

Thinking about composting – I know most people won’t be adding very much to their compost heaps other than maybe kitchen waste at this time of year, but it is a good time to start thinking about it! Top 5 hints Use everything you’ve got. With compost a big heap is better!  If that means…

Arson at allotments

Fires at allotment in Haycliffe Lane, Bradford, believed to have been started deliberately    


Some leeks need harvesting so this week we will be having leek and potato soup.

Daubenton kale

I got some seeds of daubenton kale from a seed swap. It says somewhere on the internet that it doesn’t make seeds, so I was a bit sceptical of what it was. However it does appear to be a long living kale. A couple of branches did flower last year and rather than cut them…

Is self management the answer?

With councils wanting to increase rents, self management is often seen as the way out of rent rises. If the council still have officer time dedicated to allotments then there’s still a cost for them. Perhaps partial self-management is needed with responsibility for bills falling on plot holders and cutting the time spent by council…


Why you should have nettles. These were in a corner of the allotment and had quite a few caterpillars on them.  


When they flower they’re nearly ready to dig up!